Abderrazak Marti ★★★★★

I am a copper craftsman from the heart of Marrakech, I make utilitarian and decorative objects by hammering from copper and maillshorts, I spent 42...

Nourredine Nadil ★★★☆☆

Nourreddine nadil, copper craftsman. My job is an artistic work of copper, brass, nickel silver… I especially work on lighting with “zouak” because..


Abou Moustakbal ★★★★☆

I am a copperware craftsman from Marrakech, I work in my workshop in one of the largest “fendeq” in marrekech known for...

Abd Samad Habibi ★★★★☆

Abd Samad Habibi

Houcine Kassim ★★★★★

Elhoussine, i am a copper craftsman, i have been working copper, nickel silver and other metals for 25 years in my workshop located in a fendeq...

Medina Copper & Craft

Abdelatif Elhmid ★★★★★

abdellatif lahmidi, I am a craftsman of morrocan leather slippers called “belgha”, belgha are one of the symbols of our culture, during the 37 years...

Abdurahman El Ataq ★★★★☆

I am abderrahmane el ataq, a young craftsman who works in leather, I create leather products every day,the traditional Moroccan leather...

Abdelfettah Elabbassi

I am abd elfattah el abbassi leather craftsman, I am 42 years old and I have been doing this job for 33 years in one of the fendeqs in the medina...

Leather goods

Abdelouahed Achnit

Abdelouahed Achnit, I am a leather goods seller. With my brother, we work with a group of craftsmen who provide us with leather goods that we sold...

Rachid Taray

I am rachid taray, a leather goods seller in the medina of marrakech, I am a fruit of the school of the souk of marrakch, I grew up between the craftsmen and...


Abdulrazak El Idrissi

I am abderrazzak, I am a leather craftsman, I specialized in the work of slippers, traditional Moroccan shoes, symbol of our clothing culture...

Yassine Alaoui Rizk

I am Yassine, a leather goods seller, I mainly specialized in the sale of belts, a product that fascinates me. I sell the belts of different textures,...

Mohamed Mosaid ★★★★★

I am mohamed, a craftsman weaver. I am 70 years old, and it’s been 50 years that I work the weaving of all types of products, fabrics, shales, caps,…

Abdrahmen Tahiri ★★★★☆

A young salesman of artistic products, that was my father’s job and I am starting the journey to continue to promote the heritage and the know-how...


Bensefia Abdulrazak ★★★★☆

I am abderrazzak bensfia, a young craftsman and creator at the same time, I designate and I manufacture by hand trendy objects based on...

Women Artisans ★★★★☆

we are the network of women artisans, we are a network of several women’s cooperatives in the regions of marrakech, our union is our strength...

Youssef Ayt Boujmaa

I am youssef an ornamental sculptor, I work different types of wood and I make ornaments on it, my ornaments are always inspired by traditional...

Carpenters & Wood carvers

Khalid Eltroua

Youssef Ayt Elaarj

I am youssef, I am a craftsman of the art of tadellakt, I make decorative objects with the ancestral technique of tadellakt, I am a small craftsman..

Pottery & Tadelakt​

Abd El ilah Sefiani

Said Elrayo

I am said, a maalem of the art of tadellakt, a traditional ancestral craft, transmitted by our parents, that we try to protect and bring up to date to...

Rabii Zaguir

I am rabii, seller of artisanal products made from natural fibers, all my products are handmade by women artisans with whom I collaborate...

Natural Fiber

Cooperative Tighdouin

Khalid MOUMNI ★★★★☆

Cooperative Tizi Noukdal

I am fatima fondartice of the tizi noukdal cooperative, which refers to one of the highest mountains in the ourika region. I have brought together...


cooperative Al Amal

Cooperative Les Femmes Berbères ★★★★☆

As the name of our cooperative shows, we are a group of Berber women, we work in weaving (rugs, cushions, etc.) we are neighbors and we decided...

coté Artisanat

A concept store in the medina of Marrakech, managed by two young Moroccans, we work with a group of artisans to be able...

Beauty & Wellness

Morrocan candles

We offer scented candles and perfume diffusers, our containers are objects from Moroccan crafts and our scents are natural and inspired by orienta...

Abderrahim Khamlichi

Abderrahim el khamlichi, craftsman and owner of a zellige el fassi workshop where we work together to ensure your orders. Zellige is a Moroccan art...